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What People Are Saying

Esther S.

It’s awesome to be part of this revolutionary new approach to ministry! Money that I would normally just be spending on necessities is being used to advance the Kingdom of God! A win-win situation for sure.”

Susan T. Connecticut

I like the idea of helping needy and underprivileged children by providing financial support through my MissionTalk sponsorship.

Robert S. Illinois

I love knowing that every month when I pay my cell phone bill, I am helping children around the world. Thank you for your ministry.

Patrick and Cheryl R.  –  Lincoln, Nebraska

I would like to just say what a blessing MissionTalk has been in our lives during this past year. Josh and Alejandra Guido are wonderful about keeping us informed about their heart for the children they are serving, and always on top of any e-mail I send them in regards to our account. They are both VERY knowledgeable about the business side of the cell phone industry. As part of the ministry, we recently have been given the opportunity to sponsor a child to go to a Christian school. We are very excited to how the Lord is going to use this new aspect of MissionTalk!

 James S. West Virginia

Having a cell phone is vital for running my business, yet I don’t know if I’d be able to afford one if it weren’t for MissionTalk. And because of their incredibly helpful management service, I’ve never had to worry about paying more than I ought.

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